Автор - Elen Anatolievna Reznik

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«Economic Security of Entrepreneurship: Specifics of Management in the Context of Financial Instabili»

Elen Anatolievna Reznik

The efficient development of the national economy largely depends on the level of support for its economic security (ES) because an independent external and internal policy that meets national interests can be pursued only in this context.The purpose of the study is to analyze the features of managing the ES of a business entity in the context of financial instability (FI).The relevance of solving the problem of ES for entrepreneurship as a factor of the state's ES is revealed in the article; various theoretical approaches to understanding the essence of ES for entrepreneurship, as well as FI of a business entity as a threat to ES for entrepreneurship are analyzed.Expert opinions on priority models for assessing the financial condition of a business entity are generalized on the basis of an expert survey, and international experience in preventing bankruptcy of business entities is analyzed to compass the purpose.